[News] Red Crescent China may ask to work at the lake at Hunza River-Nelofar Bakhtiar.

Altit, Hunza (Karim Salman): Nelofer Bakhtiar Member Parliament of Pakistan  and acting chairperson of PRCS, visited affected people of Attabad disaster at Altit, Hunza. Talking to the people of Attabad, she stated that the Red Crescent will open an office in Hunza with long term objectives to facilitated people of Gilgit-Baltistan in any emergency situation. She also mentioned to open a health care center and a vocational training center for women.

On behalf of the parliament she stated that although she herself is not the part of the current government but is member of parliament, so that in the coming session of parliament she promised to raise the issues of the people of the affected areas in order to strategies their settlement on priorities basis.

Regarding the existing situation of the blockage of KKH and buildup of water on the lake formed due to the Attabad’s disastrous land sliding, she stated that currently government of Pakistan is involve and is taking initiatives to open a way for spillage of water. However, if necessary progress is not being made at government level she would request the Red Crescent China to come for help and fasten the process of spillage of water from the lake.

It is to be noted that due to the build of the lake buil-up by now tens of houses and thousands of acres of land in Ayeenabad and Shiskat has submerged into the water, and the water level is continuously increasing at the rate of 3 feet on daily basis. Although four earth moving machines of FWO are working to remove the debris of the disaster but so far there is a very slow progress and with this speed of work it is estimated that months will be required to remove the heavy debris of boulders, mud and rock. If months will be passed in the process the whole Ayeenabad and Shiskat are feared to be submerged.

At the same time almost 25,000 people in Gojal, Hunza are trapped in the area because of blockage of KKH and have problems to meet the shortage of food, medicines and medical treatment.

On behalf of Red Cresent Nelofer Bakhtiar has distributed gifts among the affected people of the Attabad, who are currently living in camps at Altit, Hunza.


Photos by: Karim Salman Jerovf


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