[News] Attabad, Hunza Disaster Hit Victims reiterated satisfaction over relief work

Gilgit (Safdar): A fourteen member representative committee of disaster hit area of Attabad, Hunza, have praised and thanked the efforts made by the Government of Pakistan; Speaker Gilgit-Baltistan Legislative Assembly, Wazir Baig; former member NAL A, Nazir Sabir; Assistant Commissioner Hunza-Nagar, Waqar TAJ; PDMA Director, General Farooq; Focus Humanitarian Assistance Parogramme; The Ismaili Regional Concil and its president Dr. Khwaja Khan;  Red Crescent and all those who have contributed directly or indirectly to provide relief for hundreds of family.

Addressing to a press conference in Gilgit, the delegation represented by Numberdar Hakim, Didar Ali, Liaquat Ali, Faryad Ali, Safder and others stated that they have received very prompt response from the government, NGOs and Community organizations while they were engulfed by the disastrous land sliding. They said that government and NGOs (FOCUS and Red Crescent Particularly) have provided them all the necessities for the immediate relief in the camps. Government has paid checks to the families of those who died during the land sliding as well as to those who are injured.

They have particularly appreciated the role of Wazir Baig about whom they said is continuously in touch with the victims of the disaster and is doing all that possible to provide them maximum relief. They also praised Nazir Sabir for standing side by side of the victims in order to mobilize the government authorities and concern department for the relief purpose. They mentioned the exemplary role played by Deputy Commissioner Waqar Taj who according to the representatives of relief, day and night without been concerned of the time is trying to resolve issues of the victims in timely and effective manner.

They further said that they are dismay over the statements of irrelevant people who are talking on behalf of the victims of Attabad, Hunza only for the political mileage. The representatives stated that the media is requested to speak what the victims of the disaster feel and say and not what those irrelevant political masonries say. Many people with political motives give statements without even consulting or having an inkling of what is going on with the victims only for the purpose of criticizing the government to win a political coin; these irresponsible statements may harm the interests of the victims.

The representatives of the victims demanded from the government first to speed up the process of resettlement, second provision of jobs for the victims, third overall debt relief for the disaster hit area as a special financial package and finally immediate construction of Ahmadabad to Salmanabad link road.


2 Responses to [News] Attabad, Hunza Disaster Hit Victims reiterated satisfaction over relief work

  1. Pamir Times says:

    what about Mutabiat Shah? Has he not anything for these people?

  2. you are right Mutabiat Shah too has played his due role and it is necessary to recognize. It might have been slip of the pen or tongue not to mention his tremendous contributions, I think there should not be any other odd reason for this slip.


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