[News] Expression of Satisfaction on Relief Activities of Attabad-Hunza

Altit, Hunza (Safdar): Responding to some baseless allegations in the local media, at a press briefing Numberdar Hakim and representatives of disastrous land sliding Attabad, Hunza, informed journalists that the news of selling goods in the markets meant for relief purpose of Attabad and Sarat are propaganda of ill minded elements of the society.

He stressed that all the relief items and services are being provided to them in a very effective and efficient manner and we are pleased with the immediate and timely assistant provided to us by various organization.

He thanked to all those who have participated in the relief efforts for the victims of Attabad, Hunza disaster. The Numberdar of Attabad said that he is very thankful to all government institutions, the Pakistan Army, NDMA, governor Gilgit-Baltistan, Chief Minister Gilgit-Baltistan, Speaker GBLA, and particularly DC Hunza Nagar, Mr. Waqar Taj, AC Hunza, the Ismaili Council, FOCUS humanitarian assistance, Red Crescent, and the people of Gilgit-Baltistan and Hunza-Nagar for their overwhelming support during these time testing moments of their lives. He said the support they have achieved from these mentioned institutions and individuals have provided them hope and looking towards future otherwise they were devastated by the affects of the disaster.

He further hoped that the same way in which the families of deceased people have received timely checks of payments they are expecting that the people will also receive compensation for the resettlement and construction of their homes on time.


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