[News] There is no viable way-out for the passage of Water from artifical lake on Hunza River – General Tariq and Nazir Sabir on Visit to Hunza

Hunza (K.Babar): Nazir Sabir, former member of NALA from Hunza and the president Ismaili National Council had a meeting in Islamabad with General Tariq Majeed, Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee (CJCSC), regarding the ongoing troublesome situation in Hunza due to the Attabad land sliding. Since the Attabad land sliding of January 4, the KKH which is the only link for Hunza Gojal with the rest of Hunza is blocked and an artificial lake is building up due to the blockage of Hunza River.

The lake has extended to Shiskat Payeen (lower) by submerging low lying areas of Ayeenabad, and Shiskat. Although several experts and organizations of disaster management from Pakistan and China are working on the feasibility of passage of lake water as soon as possible, however, yet now they have not been able to develop any successful strategy. 

As informed by General Tariq Majeed the army corps, civilian organizations and NGOs such as FOCUS for Humanitarian Assistance are doing their best in order to find an appropriate way out for the passage of water, however, due the complexity of the nature of blockage any viable strategy is still out of sight.

It is further said that the water rises with an average of 1.1 meters (3.6 feet) in 24 hours and the water inflow in the lake is 250 cubic meters and with the warming up of the weather conditions the flow of water into the lake will speedup. Considering the situation the water will flow over the existing blockage in may 2010. By the time the water will flow over the blockage the villages of Ayeenabad, Shishkat and parts of Gulmit will submerge into the water and the bridge between Shishkat and Gulmit will also submerge. Resultantly several hundreds of families will be displaced.

Considering this alarming situation General Tariq Majeed, Nazir Sabir along with President National Council are on a visit of Hunza to discuss the situation with the Hunza community, Government organization and Civil Society Organization to chalk out a plan with proper information being provided to the people of affected areas.


3 Responses to [News] There is no viable way-out for the passage of Water from artifical lake on Hunza River – General Tariq and Nazir Sabir on Visit to Hunza

  1. karim says:

    It is really shocking to know that there are no possible options to release the water from the artificial lake built up on Hunza River. If the only option is the natural flow of water over the current blockage which will happen by May, than why people of affected areas are not being informed about this so that they would taken necessary steps for their future.

    At the same time people also have the right to know that what the government is planning and doing for the rehabilitation and safety of the people of the affected areas.

    Karim Hunzai


      Hi Dear

      Please ask Mr.Nazir Sabir as to when he remain President of the Ismaili National Council ?

  2. tushak says:

    well said “DUAWOO KA ASAR BEH GAYA HAI” and the wall chacking in this script i.e.


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