[News] Chinese Engineers are in Hunza to open the blockage of the Hunza River and KKH

Hunza (Bashir): A team of 14 experts of Engineers from China arrived to Hunza, Gilgit-Baltistan in order to open the blockage of Hunza River and KKH.  Because of Attabad Land sliding of January 4, the flow of Hunza river blocked and it has formed lake extending to the villages of Ayeenabad and Shishkat.

Until now tens of houses in thousands kanals of agricultural land and trees have been submerged into the Lake of Hunza River and hundreds of individual displaced. It is fear that if the Hunza river remained block it would further damage homes, and property of of the people in Ayeenabad, Shiskat and Gulmit, so it was forcefully demanded by the  people of Hunza to open the blockage of the river immediately. Now the Chinese engineers are in Hunza and it is hoped that the blockage of the river will start soon.

7 member of the team would work on blockage of the river and the other 7 engineers along with the engineers who are currently working on the repair and maintenance of KKH will work on opening the KKH.


2 Responses to [News] Chinese Engineers are in Hunza to open the blockage of the Hunza River and KKH

  1. hunarmand says:

    We the people of Hunza are thankful to the brothers and friends in China who at all crucial times have helped the people of Gilgit-Baltistan unconditionally. However, it is a matter of worry that why the Chief Minister of Gilgit-Baltistan have not taken immediate step along with the Speaker of Gilgit-Baltistan assembly, and a governor who is non-representaive and non local is being so much dependent upon.

    If the Chief Minister, Syed Mehdi Shah worked on to provide relief for affected people of disaster heat area instead of his touring business with the women workers of Pakistan Peoples Party in Lahore many people’s homes could have been saved.

    People of Hunza should work hard and fast to get the relief done immediately, including passage of water from the lake and opening the KKH.

    Hunar Mand

  2. KARIM MADAD says:

    Where are the chinese engineers who had to restore the blockage raod on landslide area of Hunza and its adjacent portions. Are thy still unsuccessful despite the apeal of local commuity with the goverment.

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