[News] 7 houses of Ayeenabad and Shishkat have been demolished-Hunza river is still blocked

Hunza (Ayub Khan): 17 days have passed and the level of water in the Attabad Lake on Hunza River is continuous rising. If the water keep on raising it is feared that the villages of Ayeenabad, Shishkat and parts of Gulmit will submerge into the lake water. In Ayeenabad, and lower Shishkat people have already chopped thousands of trees and taken the wood to safe places, by today 7 homes have also been demolished and required items have been shifted to safe area.

Since January 4 of the Attabad land sliding Government of Pakistan has been appeasing the people with false promises and nothing has been done to work on passage of water from the lake formed due to the blockage of Hunza river.  

It is fear that thousands of people will become homeless and will lose their property as it will submerge into the rapidly increasing water level in the lake. Thus government must immediately take action to release water from the lake or inform people regarding any other possible strategy.

Photo Courtesy: PT


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