[Report] Hunza Upper (Gojal) remained cut-off for more than 16 days


Gilgit (Muhammad Saleem): Hunza Upper (Gojal) remained cut-off for more than 16 days. The ongoing situation since January 4, 2010 has created extreme hardship for the people of Upper Hunza, (Gojal) because of the blockage of the road and unavailability of the basic necessities’ such as good, fuel and medicines.

KKH which is the only possible land link for upper Hunza with the rest of Gilgit-Baltistan to acquire the basic necessities and the other route the links it with China also remains closed.   Since January 4 the government administration of Pakistan and elected representatives of Gilgit-Baltistan are making hallow promises of the opening of the boarder with China for the transportation of basic necessities but nothing is happening practically in this regard. People of Hunza are demanding from the Government of Pakistan and administration that to end the miseries and suffering of the people of Gojal, Hunza immediate practical steps should be taken. Although through helicopters goods and fuel are being transported to Upper Hunza (Gojal) but is not sufficient to meet the necessities of the people.

The Gilgit-Baltistan administration said that the passage of water from lake build up due to the Attabad land sliding is said to take another 45 days.


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