[News] More than One Corore of Donation By China To Hunza Valley

GB TIMES report

A chinese non-profit organization the China Council for International Investment and Promotion (CCIIP) has offered to the administration of Gilgit-Baltistan one million Yuan (amounting to one carore and twenty three lacs  of Pakistani rupees) for the disaster hit area of Hunza.

In a letter received by Chief Secretary of Giglit-Baltistan by the Pakistan’s ambassador in China Mr. Masood Khan, it is requested to send the details of the requirements of the people of affected people of the Attabad land sliding which has caused the blockage of Huzna River.

people of Hunza considered the generous donation to be a goodwill gesture from the Chinese friends and brothers. However the public representatives have criticized the action of Masood Khan, Pakistan’s Ambassador in China for bypassing the Chief Secretary of Gilgit-Baltistan and trying to pass the funds through Chief Secretary. Many observers are of the view that it is a gross violation of protocols and procedure of business between the two countries regarding initiatives of public good.

People of Hunza valley appreciated the generous donation by CCIIP as a friend of the Giglit-Baltistan.


One Response to [News] More than One Corore of Donation By China To Hunza Valley

  1. Iman Shah says:

    I am very pleased to know the generous contribution of our Chinese friends on this tragedic moment of time to help the people of Hunza.

    I do feel that channelizing the funds through individual personalities and administration orchestrated by the Pakistan’s ambassador in China does not seem to be free of any hidden purpose. Media and people are well aware that the government officials do not feel shame to criminally swallow the funds collected for people in misery.

    It is important to channelize those funds through peoples’ representatives or reliable organizations involved in the facilitation of relief work. Or a Chinese based organization should take this responsibility.

    Iman Shah, Gilgit

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