[Report] Shishkat and Aeenabad, Hunza are Submerging in the Lake


People from Shishkat, Aeenabad, Hunza are feeling highly insecure, keeping in view the insecurity to their homes and property due the buildup of lake that is caused by Attabad’s disastrous land sliding. On January 4th part of Attabad fall down into Hunza river which has completely blocked the Hunza River one of the fastest running rivers in the world.

The height of the blockage is continuously rising that is causing Aeenabad and Shishkat villages of Hunza to be submerged. It is reported that already in Aeenabad and Siskhat 20 homes have been submerged into the water, thousands of trees have been chopped up and thousands of canals of agricultural land has been lost.

It is fear that with every passing day the water level will increase and will result in the loss of many more homes and agricultural land which is for many families the only source of livelihood. Form all over Hunza and people of Hunza living in Pakistan and abroad are showing their serious concerns regarding the delay on the possible seepage of the water from the lack. Although 12 days have been passed the high officials of the government of Pakistan and Government of Gilgit-Baltistan are making false promises in respect of opening of the lake with the help of China. Up till now there is no any concrete plan or strategy to save the villages of Aeenabad and Shishkat, in addition it is feared that parts of Gulmit will may also affect.

Keeping all these in view the people of Hunza demand from the Government Pakistan/Gilgit-Baltistan to chalk out a plane for the flow of water from the lake or alternatives should be shared with the people of the affected area so they could take a sigh of relief and work on their futures.

Correction: There is an immediate threat to 12-13 homes but  they have not yet submerged in the lake water. Thanks to Zulfiqar Ali Khan.


One Response to [Report] Shishkat and Aeenabad, Hunza are Submerging in the Lake

  1. Didar Hunzai says:

    Thanks to GB TIMES for informing us educationaly regarding the recent incident of Attabad, Hunza and other areas.

    I propose that people of Aeenabad and Shiskat should be immediatly compensated for their loss of invaluable homes and property. At the same time we should also think out-0f-Box and consider many other ways to utilize the water and lake on Hunza river for the benefit of all the people of Hunza and particullarly those who have effected from it.

    Didar Ali Hunzai,

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