[News] ‘Work on Diamer-Bhasha dam to begin this year’

ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister for Water and Power Raja Pervez Ashraf said on Thursday that work on Diamer-Bhasha dam would begin this year and the Asian Development Bank had given assurance of financing the project.

Presiding over a meeting of ministerial committee on the project, he said the dam would open a new era of economic development and prosperity.

Wapda chairman briefed the meeting on matters relating to land acquisition, upgradation of Karakoram Highway and resettlement plan.

It would be the highest roller compacted dam in the world with a height of 272 meters, he said. The minister asked Wapda to immediately undertake the resettlement plan.

The administration of Gilgit-Baltistan and the NWFP government have been at loggerhead over the boundary of the dam and the area where its generation units would be located.

The government is facing serious problems in buying land for the project from local people who are demanding high prices.

The minister said the dam would generate 4500 MW electricity and its water storage capacity would be 6.4 million acre feet.

He said that life of the Tarbela dam would be extended by around 35 years after completion of the Bhasha dam due to reduced flow of silts in Tarbela dam.

The meeting was informed that the government was also working on a number of other hydropower projects to reduce dependence on thermal power generation to meet the future electricity demand. Source


One Response to [News] ‘Work on Diamer-Bhasha dam to begin this year’

  1. Eng.Farman Karim says:

    This statement from its entirety is ridicules / bogus, as the feasibility assessment done in the previous years could not provide sufficient data / base for the structural design of the dam, even they could not able to decide whether the main embankment/core should be earth fill or concrete, while the Govt. based on its short term approaches asking for concrete buttress dam, which I think is not feasible w.r.t cost and construction workability.
    Once the feasibility is completed, structural design & its subsequent PREPARATION OF tender drawings needs at least 12 months, further to it, based on preparation of tender drawings / tender documents, bidding / award of contract period need at least 6 months, once contract IS AWARDED, mobilization OF MAIN CONTRACTOR needs AT LEAST 1 month, so if WE calculate all THESE realistic time periods, they (WAPDA) needs at least 19 to 24 months to start the works.

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