[Report] Shifting people of Salmanabad from Camps to their Homes is Risky

Ayub Khan (Altit, Hunza): The people of Salmanabad, Hunza are asked and would be shifted from the camps to their village. However, many residents and expert fear that the move could be dangerous because it is said that the effects of Attabad land sliding is resulted due to an underground seismic dynamics and the chain of it could go as far as to Ahmadabad.

After the land sliding people have smelled a gas that has reached to Shiskat and Ahamadabad. The second issue is the continuous land sliding in Attabad since the January 4, which indicates continues danger to the Sarat Bridge that is the only link between Salmanabad and rest of Hunza.

Keeping this issue in view many social workers, political activists and community leaders as well as residents of Salmanabad have shown their high concerns regarding the wisdom of the decisions to shift the people of Slamanabad right at this time from safe camps to risky area of Slamanabad. Responding to an article published at Pamir Times and Gilgit-Baltistan Times ‘The case for rehabilitation of Salmanabad’ an expert called on to the Gilgit-Baltistan Times and informed that even if the road link between Ahamadabad and Salmanabad is being build it would remain dangerous. The reason is stated that the people of Salmanabad would be trapped in the event of land sliding. It is to be noted that the Ahmadabad to Salmanabad road would be constructed by cutting the mountain that leaves no room for passages if the track would be lost due to any reason.

Considering the above mentioned reason it is highly important to devise strategies to ensure the safety of lives of the people of Salmanabad before shifting them from camps to their homes. Immediate actions and plans should be developed in order to avoid Attabad like situation which was resulted due to negligence of the concerned authorities.


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