[News] Pak-Army Working on the Debries of Attabad, Hunza

Ayub Khan (Sarat, Hunza): The Pakistan Army has started planning and action to develop a passage for the Hunza river blocked by the debris of Attabad Land Sliding. The possibilities are dynamiting the debries of mountain, however, if the flow of water from the blocked will not start soon it is feared that the low lands of Gojal (Upper Hunza) would come under water.

 Ainabad (Sishkat and Ghosban) would be the most affected area because they are the most nearest villages to the water blockages where a unwanted dame is building up.

Hundreds of people hailing from Gojal are straped in Hunza and Gilgit due to the blocage of KKH which is the only linkage between Hunzu (Central Hunza) and Gojal (Upper Hunza). It is also the only link between Pakistan and China, and thousands of Chinese engineers were working on the expansion of KKH and it is fear that due to the blockage of supplies from China the expansion work would be affected.


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