[News] 40 people are said to be still missing at KKH in front of Attabad, Hunza

Sarat Hunza (Ayub Khan): According to the latest reports there are around 40 passengers in a van, car and pick-up said to be buried under the rubbles at Karakuram Highway (KKH) due to the land sliding at Attabad, Hunza. The death tool in Sarat has reached to 16 and still search operation is going on. However, due to the heavy land sliding the rescue and search operation at KKH has not yet been started although 24 hours has passed. Volunteers from Hunza are helping in search and rescue operations to the affected people. The rocks have said to cover Hunza river over almost two kilometers and FOCUS as well as the Ismaili Regional Council have asked the thousands of people of Attabad, Salmanabad and Sarat to leave their homes as the rest of the Attabad is said to fall down with in a few days. If this will continue it will be highly disastrous for the low land villages of Gojal, Upper Hunza as they will submerge under the water that will gather over the time. FOCUS the Aga Khan Humanitarian Assistance Proprgam has arranged shelter and food for the displaced people at Altit and Aliabad. There are no material measures undertaken by the government to address the issue neither any plan is announced for the settlement and support of the displaced people.


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