[Report] PPP trying to be fair in Hunza


In Hunza PPP has won the elections as Wazir Baig getting elected second time after a gap of four years tenure run by Ghazanfar Ali Khan. The PPP has received an overwhelmed support from Gojal (Upper Hunza) to a great extent surprizing many as it was thought that Kamil Jan of MQM may lead there as he belongs to Gojal and where he contributed generously for social work but the results were opposite to this prediction.  To appreciate and recognizthe support PPP, Hunza has proposed a well known development professional Mr. Mutabiat Shah for the seat of technocrate from Gulmit, Gojal and to create baslance it has proposed to elect a women for the reserved seats for women from Shinaki.

Keeping in view the effective and influlential support of Nazir Sabir, who played a great role to make it possible that Wazir Baig wins the election as PPP’s ticket holder would may get a position in the council of 12 members as an appointee of its chairman, the Prime Minister of Pakistan. It is to remember that the council is the powerful body with 12 members, 6 would be appointed by the Gilgit-Baltistan Legislative Assembly (GBLA) and other 6 members would be appointed by the Prime Minister of Pakistan who would be the Chairman of the Council.


3 Responses to [Report] PPP trying to be fair in Hunza

  1. aqal says:

    Why PPP could not be fair by providing a chance elect one of the person who got second or third number of votes in the elections, either Kamil Jan or Noor Muhammad. As Wazir Baig is representative of the will of almost 1/3 people of Hunza so are the other two candidates. It is better to elect Kamil Jan or Noor Muhammad for technocrates seats.


  2. Hunar Badshah says:

    We missed the informative analysis and reporting of Gilgit-Baltistan Times for some long days~~~

    Hunar Badshah

  3. Karim says:

    the Evil designs of people could not stop the power of intelect and pen. We hope GB TIMES will be successful in its high value services!!!


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