[News] Unofficial Results-PPP has lead in Gilgit-Baltistan Elections

voting in gilgit 1

 couting of votes

GB TIMES Report:

Unofficial results have started to pour that has culminated a strong and very active but peaceful election campaign in Gilgit-Baltistan. According to unofficial sources PPP’s Wazir Baig emerged victorious on LA-6 Gilgit 6 with 3,571 votes, leaving MQM’s Kamil Jan behind who bagged 2,240 votes. Wazir Baig is a potential candidate for the position of speaker of GBLA. His win will make a smooth head towards two other nominations one for Women’s seat and the other for technocrats. Nazir Sabir could be one of the most suitable candidates for the technocrats.

In Skardu PPP’s Syed Mehdi Shah has emerged successful with 5,295 for LA-7 Skardu-1 in the Gilgit-Baltistan Legislative elections, according to an unofficial result. Wazir Wilayat of Pakistan Muslim League-Q is runner up with 2,270.Syed Mehdi Shah is the president of PPP Gilgit-Baltistan and is a strong candidate for Chief Ministers’ portfolio.  

PPP’s candidate Wazir Shakil won the seat of LA-9 Skardu 3 with 6,423 votes in Gilgit-Baltistan elections. PML-N’s Haji Fida Muhammad Nashad stands second with 2,592 votes.

PML-N’s Muhammad Abdullah wins LA-23 Ganche 2 with 4,240 votes while Amina Ansar of PML-Q’s loses with 3,963 votes.

In Gilgit City an independent candidate Deedar Ali wins LA-2 Gilgit 2 by bagging 4,535 votes while PPP’s Jamil Ahmed received far lesser votes of 2,774 votes and remained second while the PML –N president for Giglit-Baltistan Hafiz Hafeezur Rehman was at third.

Muhammad Ismail Engineer PPP’s candidate wone LA-24 Ganche-3 while Muhammad Shafiq of PML-N remained second.

Raja Azam Khan of MQM’s has emerged successful on LA-12 Skardu 6 with 9316 votes, PPP’s Imran Nadeem who bagged 7,125 votes stood second.

PPP’s Shaikh Nisar received 7,793 votes to win LA-8 Skardu 2 while independent candidate Muhammad Ali shah stood second with 4,701 votes.

PPP’s Muhammad Jafar has won LA-22 Ganche 1 with 3,772 votes in Gilgit Baltistan elections. PML-N’S Muhammad Ibrahim Sanai bagged 1,741 votes and remained second.

In Diamer a for more religious conservative district JUI(F)’s Gulbar Khan received 2797 and won LA-18 Diamir 4. Independent candidate Malik Muhammad Miskeen is runner up with 1,535 votes, who was speaker of the NALA as a member of PML (Q) in previous term.

Ghulam Muhammad who is the secretary General of PPP clinched LA-21 Ghazar 3 with 4,961 votes while Independent candidate Ayub bagged 4,894 votes and stood second.

The unofficial result shows an obvious lead of PPP in the elections however to form government it may need support of Independent candidates.


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