[Opinion] Divaako TV Hunza, Bringing Election Candidates Together in the Court of People

By Abbas Ali

Hunza which is being revered for the civilized nature of the people located in a region surrounded by notorious epicentres of violence of Tribal Areas of Pakistan and within main land Pakistan itself as well as Kashmir the flash point of three wars between nuclear armed countries of Pakistan and India. Both countries Pakistan and India who claim Hunza, Gilgit-Baltistan to be integral part of their political geographic boundaries are widely different in the political culture and orientation of people.

Either in Pakistan or in India a political candidate could not think of going to the voters without being escorted by heavy contingent loaded with sophisticated fire arms and some time these highly trained contingents of security personnel and sophisticated arms could not save the lives of candidates for elections and dies before the bullets of the opposition or unknown enemies.

The case of election campaigning in Gilgit-Baltistan is significantly different from the above mentioned cultures of Pakistan and India. In Hunza, Gilgit-Baltistan you could not see any visible sign of fire arms or heavy contingents of security personnel, the election candidates would mingle, sit, eat and talk with the voters as if they are voters themselves. The protection of the candidates is a least thing that could bother the party workers.

Hunza which has taken precedents in developing models for regional development on educated and advanced progressive models in many areas of socio-economic development, this time it has set many other pleasant precedents for the rest of the regions. The first is a massive political movement demanding an additional seat for Hunza in the Gilgit-Baltistan Legislative Assembly (GBLA) under the platform of All Hunza Action Committee (AHAC) but without recourse to any violent means, although very effective and efficient political mobilization of Hunzukutz that compelled the power holders in Islamabad to announce two reserved seat, one for women and the other for technocrats for Hunza. Second is the recently held on the table talk of the elections candidates of Hunza arranged by ‘Divaako’ a local inspiring TV channel , which has provided a chance for the election candidates to come face to face and share their manifestoes and defend their ideas so people could judge them better. Three candidates who had courage and confidence about themselves and their manifestos have said to participate in this meeting; they are Wazir Baig, Noor Muhammad and Rahmatullah. This is a great leap forward to present the ideas and vision of election candidates in Hunza at the pattern of American Model of presidential debate for the contesting candidates, and it is needed to be strengthened further.


5 Responses to [Opinion] Divaako TV Hunza, Bringing Election Candidates Together in the Court of People

  1. Sher Baz Khan says:

    Though you can spell a Brushaski word in English the way you wish to ( as far as pronunciation allows)but Divaako itself would like to call “Divaako”. Hope the name will appear in the media with correct spelling.
    Many thanks

  2. karim says:

    I like you analysis which conveys many messages at one time in short, brief but clear way. When you say countries around us India and Pakistan, do you think we are other than Pakistanis?


  3. hunar badshah says:

    Salam brothers. if some one is not participating Divakoo programe it is not showing that they are not confident about themsevles and their ideas. Some times these media people also mislead people the way they presnent candidates. I am sure Kamil Jan is also more confident than any other.

    Hunar Badshah

  4. hiqiqat says:

    This Wazir is not deserving any single vote what he has done nothing nothing nothing when he was our representative. He did nothing at least for himself or for his family,he is with ppp which as also died with the Benazir so dont give him any vote. Give vote to Kamil Jan or Noor Muhammad they both will work for us.


  5. Karim Hunzai says:

    I sugest all my brothers to vote either Wazir Baig or Noor Muhammad. They deserve and they have the courage to face people as did in KIU and Divaako programmes.

    I was also at the Aliabad JAlsa of MQM where Kamil hanged for a minute during his speech. He was the person who sponsorned Mir in last elaection (8 lak in ast elaction. He was the man to stage a huge gathering in Aga Khan JIm Khana Karachi. If Mir is blamed for all these…KAmil Jan is also equally responsible for supporting such an ineffective person during last 35 years.

    My dear educated youth please dont experiment the person who was behind the Mir and responsible for the miseries of HUnzukutz.

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