[News] Haider Rizvi, Member of Central Committee of MQM in Hunza

rizviSalman (Ali Abad, Hunza): Haider Abbas Rizvi a high profile senior member of MQM visited Gilgit-Baltistan to support election candidates for the election to be held on November 12. The popularity of MQM throughout Gilgit-Baltistan within a short span of two to three months has opened eyes of many people in the political circles because in the rest of Pakistan other than Karachi and Hyderabad and to some extend in Sikhar MQM has not been able to hold its foot strongly.

Addressing the gathering Haider Abbas, promised to establish the organizational structure of MQM in Hunza to meet the needs and demands of the people. He made commitment that MQM’s 24 MNAs and 6 Senators would raise to the maximum level their voice for the rights of Gilgit-Baltistan in both national houses of politics. Haider Abbas stressed that MQM is the natural political party that could stand on behalf of the oppressions and deprivations of the people of Gilgit-Baltistan and struggle for their legitimate rights.

Haider Abbad alleged MQM’s coalition partners in the centre and province, PPP, for the planning of rigging the elections and using Benazir Income Support Scheme (BISS) for the political bribery to attract the voters.

On the occasion Mr. Kamil Jan the MQM’s candidate for Hunza stressed that he would serve the people of Hunza and youth untiringly. Referring to previous leaders who were highly educated he said they have not been able to do any good for Hunza but he himself though does not have formal educational degrees but possesses natural skills of leadership, hard work and will to serve the people for a better future.


One Response to [News] Haider Rizvi, Member of Central Committee of MQM in Hunza

  1. Kiramat Shah says:

    My friend was convincing me to vote Kamil and i told him to let me decide after hearing him. But after hearing me i suggested my friend to not blacken the future of not only our youth but also Hunza. I dont saw any vision or educated approach in him. Even he was unable to speak properly. And he was very proud that he is not an educated person but he works hard. The people around him was very enthusiastically claping on this. I dont need a person for Hunza to build culvert as i am myself in position due to education to write proposals voluntarily for such works. Please go through this Farman of Imam from Berlin Conference 2004 what the vision of Imam is “Elections and the existence of political parties do not by themselves guarantee stable governments, competent political leadership and respect for the constitution. Nor do they guarantee good economic management and the absence of corruption,” he said. In calling for support to these governments, the Aga Khan underlined that any development strategy must include education and developing a wider understanding of the institutions and processes of constitutional democracy. For details http://www.akdn.org/Content/464

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