[News] Noor Muhammad Claims Sweeping Majority


Noor Muhammad candidate for LA-6, Hunza who run the election on the platform of All Hunza Action Committee (AHAC) is busy in a highly intensified election campaign. Hundreds of volunteers of AHAC have spread all over Hunza to attract voters in favour of Noor Muhammad. Talking about the current situation Mr. Aliyas a representative for AHAC stated that they are strongly hopeful of success on the basis of ground realties. He stated that in Murtaza Abad, Hassan Abad, Ali Abad, Ganish and Altit they have a sweeping majority; in Hyderabad and Karim Abad they are expecting to attract more than 50% of votes, whereas in Nasir Abad, Khan Abad, Hussain Abad and Khizer Abad they also claim to have a sweeping majority. However in Gojal they may attract 30% of votes and rest is said to be divided among MQM and PPP. In Gojal they said to have been hampered by a dispute over a beautiful pasture ‘Baldiyat’ between Altit and Gulmit which is said to suck precious resources of both villages for over 15 years.


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