[NEWS] Climate Day Event in Majini Mohallah, Gilgit

Ulfat Ara (Gilgit): The Global Day of Climate Change was organized by an international group called 350.org which is composed of scientists, civil society and national leaders around the world. Their aim was to gain international support for setting the safe upper limits of CO2 in the air at 350 ppm instead of the 450 ppm endorsed by IPCC which is now considered too high by increasing number of scientists.  

On this day the Pakistan Wetlands Programme (PWP), WWF-P, UNDP Water Conservation Programme Gilgit, Youth Club Majini Mohallah and NA-EPA also organised events in Gilgit city. In this regard, a seminar was held at Karakoram Commerce College, Majini Mohallah in Gilgit city in which about 70 students participated. Experts from the mentioned NGOs presented information about climate change, why it is happening and what can be done to deal with its effects. Speakers included M. Iqbal Khan, Dr. Humaira, Khadim Hussain, Rashid Hussain, and Sadia Begum. This was followed by a question and answer session with the audience. After the presentations, a clean-up walk was conducted with the students in the neighborhood and bazaar during which they collected many bags of garbage. This helped to make people aware of the negative impacts of solid waste on the atmosphere and on water. In the end the students made the figure of 350 to indicate their support for the cause.


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