[News] Hunza Students Federation (HSF) and Civilized Politics


Hunza Students at Karakuram International University under an umbrella of Hunza Student Federation are going to arrange a political debate session on 4th November 2009 at Gilgit City. The progrmme has been named as “Political Enlightenment” followed by better political culture. All the arrangements have been finalized. All political candidates from Hunza will deliver their Speeches and will answer the questions of the Students. Political elements such as slogans, banners, and personal criticism have been banned. This is a first step taken by HSF to build a culture where civilized societies appreciate and initiative is to change traditional politics. Courtesy HT


2 Responses to [News] Hunza Students Federation (HSF) and Civilized Politics

  1. hisam says:

    The flag reminds us the oppresion of Mirdom….pls change it

  2. Muhammad Gul says:

    This is a lovely initiative, an evidence of being civilized – i liked it very much and am there to support the cause through all means – please let me have the contact details of a representative so that I can contact.

    Kabul, Afghanistan

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