[News] Arrest of Zafar Iqbal, MD,NATCO for Insulting the Court Orders

The Gilgit court has served orders to arrest Zafar Iqbal, MD Northern Areas Transport Corporation (NATCO) for insulting the court orders. The civil judge No 1 Gilgit Court Raja Minhaj issued warrant for arrest and ordered police to present Zafar Iqbal in the court. The application for accomplice of the contempt of court was submitted by Advocate Amjad Hussain, where he stated that his client Raja Sifat Ansoo, Muhammad Yaqob, Hadi Ali and Sayed Shamsh-Ud-Din were serving with NATCO, and on the basis of information regarding their expulsion from jobs they approached the courts and on October 8, 2009 the court had issued stay order which was received, signed and stamped by Zafar Iqbal, MD, NATCO on October 9, 2009. However, neglecting the court orders Zafar Iqbal issued orders for the expulsion of all four persons from their services. Against this act of Zafar Iqbal, MD NATCO, Advocate Amajad Hussain approached the court and court ordered Zafar Iqbal to be present in the court and defend against these complains but again Zafar Iqbal said to have neglected the court orders. Keeping all these in view the Civil Court has ordered police to arrest Zafar Iqbal, MD NATCO and present him in front of the court. Courtesy MyGilgit


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