Who is your favourite candidate?

 Dear Readers, This poll is aimed to let know our honourable readers to have an idea regarding the current status of political leadership in respect of their chances to win the elections. Of course it does not represent those who are unable to visit the GB Times but to show that what the opinions of the readers of GB Times are.

 To ensure that one could not cast multiple votes all the available restrictions have been applied, such as ‘restriction by cookies’. However, if people are able to surpass this restriction the GB Times would humbly like to inform the readers that it could not do anything other than applying the available restriction to stop multiple vote casters, at the same time GB Times has high expectations and regards for the fairness of its readers. Having said this, the observations and experience on the bases of previous polls and discussions with experts reveals that the restriction ‘limited by cookies’ is recommended method to stop multiple voting by one person and highly reliable.

Thanks to all readers of GB Times



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