[News] Hunza Youth Committee (HYC) stimulating elections campaign for Noor Muhammad

Hunza(Imtiaz Karim): Noor Muhammad, the candidate for LA-6, Hunza has been boosted up by the support showered on him by the youth of Hunza. Hunza Youth Committee (HYC) formed initially by the young members of Hunza community living in different cities of Punjab has rigorously initiated their fast-forward political campaign in Hunza. Their motive for the coming elections is to bring forth a candidate who could defend, represent and initiate development projects in Hunza, with required credentials of leadership qualities, bold and forward looking initiatives, being well educated which should represent the educated youth of Hunza. HYC with its motive of bringing harmonious change and pushing the goal of raising Hunza, have decided to support Noor Muhammad.  

A group of more than 450 young members of Hunza Youth Committee (HYC) from all over Punjab who belongs to all regions of Hunza (Shinaki, Hunzu, Gojal) have started their rigorous campaign. They expect that the educated and political aware people of Hunza and particularly youth would come forward to support Noor Muhammad to win the elections so that Hunza could once more assert its political glory which was lost under incompetent and lazy political leaders in the past.


3 Responses to [News] Hunza Youth Committee (HYC) stimulating elections campaign for Noor Muhammad

  1. Meherbaan Khan says:

    I request all youth to support and vote for Noor Muhammad, the true leader of Hunza. All youth support great leader Noor Muhammad.

    Mehrbaan Khan

  2. Hunar Badshah says:

    Realistically looking it is difficult to choose the one who is good for Hunza this time. Three top candidates Noor Muhammad, Kamil Jan and Wazir Baig. All these have positives and negatives. Noor Muhammad is charged with some bad incidents in past. Wazir is not worked in the past times, nothing. Kamil Jan is sincere but his party MQM is not liked and he is not living in Hunza.

    Youth should ask their heart and mind before supporting any HYC can make candidate win or lose. Good work by youth of Hunza to have their own organization great work.

    Hunar Badshah

  3. Hunzai says:

    The Action committee has divided Hunza rather to unite. I am really sorry to say that for long time the people of HUnza will not come in a platform for a common cause due to this terrible experince.

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