[News] Kamil Jan Galvanizing his Election Campaign



Imtiaz Karim (Hunza): Kamil Jan a well known social-worker turned politician contesting elections from LA-6 Hunza is intensely involved in public meetings and evaluating various development projects all over Hunza from Khizer Abbad to Click. Talking in his native village of Siskat he said ‘I have no personal interests to contest elections for GBLA, as you all know there is nothing a politician of Gilgit-Baltistan could make out of it except those a few corrupt ones. God has blessed me by providing decent means of living, and I want my brothers and sisters, everyone in Hunza should also have a better quality of life. Keeping in view the guidance of my spiritual leader and following on his mission I am struggling to contribute whatever I can, without any discrimination or biasness for improving quality of life in Hunza. I hope my brother and sisters in Hunza would stand shoulder to shoulder with me to make this noble mission of socio-economic development through politics in Hunza, by bringing changes in the previous political system of corruption and working for the vested interest of a few only and creating tensions among the people to follow on the role of divide and rule. Please come forward and bring a positive change for development, where our youth could stand shoulder to shoulder with me and our elders bless us with their well wishes and Dua’

Mr. Kamil Jan according to various surveys conducted locally and regional is leading the opinion poll and is considered to be one the top favourites to win the elections. 

Responding to question, for being an MQM candidate he said ‘initially I thought to contest elections as an independent candidate however, evaluating all options and parties who had offered me their tickets I choose MQM. The reason behind is that MQM has gone through tremendous ideological and practical changes over the last decade. Now it is being taken a main stream political party in country and parliament, and now it has focused on development rather than confrontation. We have a live example of Karachi today in front of us, Karachi has been changed unbelievably and it is internationally recognized as such. This is MQM’s changed agenda from that of 1980s and early 1990s that the MQM of 21st century made me to join it. I have assurance of the party to work for the people of Hunza and Gilgit-Baltistan in Gilgit-Baltistan and Karachi as well where a large community from our area is living. In addition MQM has also assured to support the cause of Gilgit-Baltistan in Parliament, so on these grounds with intentions to serve people of Hunza and Gilgit-Baltistan I am contesting election on the ticket of MQM.’


6 Responses to [News] Kamil Jan Galvanizing his Election Campaign

  1. Shihat Mand says:

    Mr. Kamil Jan is doing mistake to have elections for MQM. People of Hunza reject MQM and Altaf Hussain. Don’t want Altaf in Hunza, Hunza is only for the people of Hunza.

    Shihat Mand

  2. karim says:

    Kamil Jan we want no Noor, No Wazir, No Sher, we want you. Qadam Badhau Hunza Tumharey Saath Hai.

    Karim. Gojal, Hunza

  3. Hunar Badshah says:

    How Kamil Jan can work for Hunza, he is living in Karachi all his life. He has business in Karachi, after elections he go back to Karachi, so it is impossible for him to work in Hunza from Karachi. Look, he is joined MQM a party of Karachi and Mohajir, he wants to get benefits from MQM in Karachi, he is living there. One who is living in Hunza can work for Hunza, vote for Wazir, Noor, Wahid Murad not to Sheryar and Kamil Jan they are not living in Hunza and after election they go back to Islamabad and Karachi

    Hunar Badshah

  4. holanas says:

    very Nice comment form Hunar.
    You are saying vote to Noor could u tell us his social work. all people know is past his services in karachi and hunza.

  5. Karim says:

    Kamil Jan widened the gap in Hunza by pioneering the tribal politics. He gatherd the Burong family for support.

  6. holanas says:

    if kamil jan is gathering the burong family. Than what about wazir baig of Khurkoz, Noor Mohd of Alti koz. Rahmat ullah of deramting.

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