[News] Nazir Sabir blowing fresh breaths into PPP Hunza

Mehr Karim (Hunza): Nazir Sabir the world known mountaineer and former elected member of Gilgit-Baltistan Legislative Assembly (GBLA) is in Hunza to support Wazir Baig, the PPP ticket holder for the elections of GBLA 2009. Wazir Baig has always been supported by Nazir Sabir in the two previous elections one which was won by Wazir and the other which he lost to Ghazanfar.

Election momentum has started to reach at its maxim with intense competition among three candidates Kamil Jan, Noor Muhammad and Wazir Baig while others following in their ratings are Shah Baz Khan, Sheryar, Ijlal Hussain, Rahmatullah Baig, Aziz Ahmed, Waheed Muran and Arif Hussain.

Pools conducted by various media out-lets indicate that Noor Muhammad and Kamil jan have a very tough competition and by now Wazir Baig is following them. However, beside intensive media campaigning this time around huge amounts of money are said to be flowing for some candidates and PPP has been alleged to use tax payer’s money through Benazir Income Support Scheme and projects.

Nazir Sabir’s visits and prospective visits by Ministers of PPP to support elections campaign is considered to be efforts to repair the damage caused by recent attitude of PPP and its representative Wazir Baig regarding efforts of AHAC for an additional seat for Hunza.  Kamil Jan and Noor Muhammad both campaigned for the additional seat of Hunza under the banner of All Hunza Action Committee (AHAC) in Karachi and Hunza which is giving them advantage of sympathies. 

Gilgit-Baltistan Times will constantly update its reader through weekly pools on the ratings of the candidates and it will be keenly observed that how does Nazir Sabir’s visit impacts the currently third rating of Wazir Baig of PPP.


6 Responses to [News] Nazir Sabir blowing fresh breaths into PPP Hunza

  1. Sher Baz Khan says:

    My dear writer!
    First of all local media should avoid western jargons like ‘tax payers’ since Gilgit-Baltistan is not paying any direct tax which is characteristic of western nations. As a matter of fact almost whole the nation, other than some “imandar” is “exempted” from tax, by some miracle.
    Second if you are writing a news item you should avoid allegations. You can always use opinion section of media for that.
    For your clarification – and you can always refer to GBT’s news which also run the news – this was Mr. Zafar Iqbal (through his representative) who first submitted nomination papers – and not Wazir Baig – Followed by Mr. Noor Muhammad and Mr. Kamil Jan. Even if Wazir Baig submitted papers he was not obliged to abstain himself from doing so since he was not an active partner of AHAC moves. If you have to blame someone without bias than it goes to Mr. Noor Muhammad who was actively participating in AHAC’s moves. Not that I am against Mr. Noor Muhammad but we need fair game to set our future course.

  2. Iman Shah says:

    Dear Sher Baz Khan, I feel naive your comments when you are saying that we should not use the ‘tax payer money’ as no one except some Imandar people are paying taxes. But would you clear it that from where does all these lavish expenditures are being fulfilled if the govt. is not getting the taxes. Please consider not only direct taxes that are being taken away from salaries of hundreds of thousands of people across Pakistan including thousands of people of Gilgit-Baltistan living there and we people of Gilgit-Baltistan do pay heavy amounts of taxes through sales tax, custom tax etc. Compare to the income that govt. of Pakistan collects from the region of Gilgit-Baltistan and what is been given back to Gilgit-Baltistan by the Pakistani Govt. is just peanuts. The income that govt.of Pakistan is collected from the Gilgit-Baltistan is the money of ‘tax payers’ it is neither of the any individual or of a particular party it is called public money and should be used for the welfare of the people without any bias and not for elections.

    What do you think, if the Benazir Income Support Scheme is not run by the money of millions of Pakistanis than from where does the money comes? Is there any other source? I think no, if we get loans from western countries or IMF or World Bank we have to pay it from the money of Tax Payers.

    You are right not everybody in this country pays direct taxes, such a Zardari, Nawaz Sharif who have rather than paying taxes looted the money of tax payers.

    Rest I think from journalistic point of view the item you referred is fit well into the news item, I hope you are one familiar with the well standing news papers and the criteria of Gilgit-Baltistan Times in my views set perfectly well into that criterion because the said item is more describes the facts than opinion of some one.
    I am agreeing with your point of view to be fair with all in the media and journalism as these are norms of it. But there is no allegation as such in these news items rather they are some of the facts based on evidence popularly known.

  3. Akber says:

    Dear Learned Hunzukutz,

    First of all please correct your information that Huge Part of the Benazir Income Support Programme is donor funded rather through tax. As a learned people we should know things before commenting on.

  4. Iman Shah says:

    Dear Akber, Correct as you say, Benazir Income Support Programme is donor funded, but for whom? Sure not for jiylaas and not to riging the elections.Donor have funded it for the welfare of the poor people of Paksitan not for the bribing in the elections.

    Iman Shah

  5. Bahdur Khan says:

    I am happy to see new faces and good are comming to elections this time. Kamil Jan and Noor Muhammad both are good people working for the Hunza people from Karachi to Hunza. We all should support these candidates, No to Wazir and No to Mir,.

    Bahdur Khan

  6. holanas says:

    Dear Iman Shah

    Your are correct BISP is not donor fund. It is from the loan of IMF and world Bank

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