[News] Shah Baz Opened Campaign office and Questioned in Nasir Abad

Slaman Ahmed (Nasir Abad, Hunza): Shah Baz Khan opened his election campaign office in Nasir Abad (Hindi), in presence of some people in tens after opening similar offices in Aliabad and Gulmit. On the occasions youth of Nasirabad reminded Shah Baz Khan for his allegedly involvement with Mr. Ghazanfar and his son Mr. Saleem in the Sost Try Port (SDP) embezzlement and going against the rights of the people of the area. However, Shah Baz tried to distance himself from the Ghazanfar family on this occasion but again and again he was reminded his pre-election union with Mr. Ghazanfar and his family continuously and he was said to be the only closet supporter coming for elections of Sost Dry Port held at Aliabad Thesil representing Mr. Ghazanfar which has ousted Ghazanfar and his team from the management of Port. Since then continuously various cases of mismanagement and fraud are coming on the scene where Mr. Shah Baz Khan is partner with Mr. Saleem with others in fraud cases, including millions of fraud with National Bank of Pakistan.


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