A very unfortunate incident of the torture of Sultan Ayub an employee of Northern Areas Transport Corporation (NATCO) has made every Hunzutuz rethink of their claim of being a civilized society.  The press has openly quoted and blamed and counter blamed various sections of society for this heinous crime. Reaching to the bottom of the culprits is a complex and heavy task for which right now our media is not capable and competent enough as it is in budding phase. However, it could be appreciated that how media plays a vital role of informing citizens and defending the basic human rights of the people of Gilgit-Baltistan and Hunza.

Retrospectively while All Hunza Action Committee (AHAC) was struggling for the cause of additional seat for Hunza all hunzukutz without any political biasness supported the noble cause and treated the leaders as heroes. It was first time ever that people of Hunza made people in Islamabad who yield power that the Hunza today is a different place and knows what are their rights; it was all possible because of unity.  But immediately what has caused this fraction and criminal activities that is self harming for Hunza and its peace loving people.

Some sections of media blame those who were leading AHAC for this incident but at the same times it is also blamed on those who were against AHAC. The chances of responsibility for this heinous crime is equal on both sides. Looking at the picture both parties blamed for these acts are by their socially responsible characters are not better or worse from each other.  In blaming both parties on the both side of the pool people could find elements of truth and traces of such possibilities in the past on each side, so we could not straightforwardly blame any. But it is just a superficial picture; it is needed to consider the third element as well, the element which is not all happy with the unity and growing political strength of Hunza on the political scene of Gilgit-Baltistan.  This third element could somehow tolerate the parties to which it is been called ‘Federalist’ but would not like a tiny chance for those with ‘nationalist’ agendas. Knowing the background of the people on the both side and the minds of the people of Hunza this third element could craft such an act with the cooperation of those who are victimised seemingly. Strength to this so called conspiracy theory would be significant because NATCO is a government institution and involvement of any government institution in elections is treated interference by the government in supposedly free of any government involvement elections.

The said person Sultan Ayub being a government employee has been supporting materially by submitting the nominations forms of one of the election candidates is itself violation of the law and more on the candidate was his boss in the same organization. It gives a look that if the whole of NATCO which is a government body is unlawfully and illegally involve in the rigging of election process and may be would remain involved in rigging voting as well. However this could not justify what has unfortunately happened with Sultan Ayub. On this note it could be infer that the interference of external hands, illegal and illegitimate influence is already crafted by the interest groups to damage the reputation and unity of Hunza.  In the said unfortunate incident it is quite possible that none of the blamed individuals or parties is involved rather the third hand is behind these elements.

What we need is to keep open eyes and a watchful society to stop crimes of this nature and others. We all should identify perpetrators and hinder the malign activities through which they want to interfere and harm the unity of Hunza and its progress.


3 Responses to [Editorial] TORTURE of SULTAN AYUB a GOVT. EMPLOYEE of NATCO

  1. Eng. Farman Karim says:

    “It,s simply rubbish who ever are behind the scene, I am pretty sure that Noor Mohd would not be @ its back,,,,,”

    Eng. Farman Karim

  2. Sher Khan says:

    What is the hell going on Media (Edited by moderator to exclude the name of Paper and replaced it with ‘Media’ in general. Why to support one indvidual it is using soo harsh and voulgar language. Media (again edited) is publishing the news withoug proper investigation and authencity. It is becoming a regional propaganda machine, shame on it.

    Why it is against Noor Muhammad and tries to bring a bad name for him, while protected an equally curropt Zafar Iqbal if he is not contesting elections. Media (again edited) seems to be partial and filled with regional bias very simply.

    Sher Khan

  3. Akber says:

    Mr Sher Khan, please dont be blind in favour of a person. The concern here is not with Zafar Iqbal, the concern of ours is the shameful incident with a innocent Hunzukutz. We are not targeting any personality as if you belive that there some committee exits then one of the party member is behind the shameful act. This is proven by facts not emotions as you want to express. I recommend the committee if they are agianst the incident they shuold openly identify and kick the group from their ranks. They are still within the rank of the committee.

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