[News] Peace Lovers on Peace Walk from Hunza to Karachi


GB Times Report

Two young citizens of Gilgit-Baltistan Ejaz Karim and Ashgar Ali natives of Gojal, Hunza are on their way in Gilgit-City to proceed further on their mission to complete a journey they started from Khunjarv, Hunza, Gilgit-Baltistan aiming to end it in Sindh, Karachi, to travel by foot a journey that would take months.

Considering the current situation of violence and terrorism in Pakistan which sometimes also spills into Gilgit-Baltistan the initiative taken by these two young stars Ejaz and Ashgar are fabulous and highly valued as if they are devoting their lives for the mission of peace.

In Gilgit city people belonging to all walks of life students, academicians, politicians, religious scholar, businessmen, youths, men and women have extended the tow peace loving stars a magnificent welcome.

 However, for dismay of many these two starts have not been encouraged and supported by Govt. machinery either by the institutions responsible to maintained peace in the region or civil administration. It is therefore demanded from government to provide all possible support in terms of financial assistance, health and security of these two young Stars of Gilgit-Baltistan while they are on their noble mission.

Comments of the two peace lover:

Asghar Ali

“We have walked 300 KMs and enjoy entire walk by appreciation of the people, who honored us with warm well come and we haven’t felt any tiredness or difficulty in nine days. The encouragement of people filled and enhanced our strength. At Hunza we were showered by the blessing of people and the warm well comes at Karim Abad by town management society”

Ejaz Karim:

“The entire appreciation of peace walk by the people uplifted our mission and we have perceived that we shall complete our mission without any hurdle. Further he added that people are peace loving and as ambassadors of GB we will give massage of peace to Pakistan nationals. We have covered 300 KM in 57 hours”.

Comments by Vice Chancellor KIU: (Dr Najma Najam).

“I am appreciating the initiative taken by these two younger stars in favor of peace and I shall admire there initiative and ensured KIU support to young stars during entire walk and I ensure the people of Gilgit Baltistan are peace loving and specially people of Hunza ahead.”


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