[News] Wazir Baig Went Against the People Of Hunza

Hunza (Qaimat Khan): 

In a press conference Wazir Baig the president of PPP Hunza chapter has announced to participate in upcoming November 2009 elections of GBLA, without taking into confidence the other members of All Hunza Action Committee (AHAC) which is struggling day and night to ensure provision of long held and deserving additional seat for Hunza. In a face saving statement Mr. Wazir Baig said “We support and will continue our peaceful protest for obtaining legitimate rights of Hunza, but we do not support disruptive calls for civil disobedience”, however, people of Hunza and the political leadership belonging to all walks of life condemned this heinous action of Wazir Baig.

During all his conversation during the press conference he turned all his guns of criticism towards Mr. Ghazanfar and Mis. Atiqa Ghazanfar by diverting the questions regarding the real issue where he said that, “They did nothing while at the helm of affairs, and are now fueling public sentiments for personal political objectives […] Musharraf visited Hunza valley along with his cabinet members, but at that time Ghazanfar did nothing to demand additional constituency for Hunza, while claiming very close relationship with the president”.

Mr. Ghazanfar is already on odds and secluded from mainstream public movement and struggle for an additional seat for Hunza considering is past bed deeds. The recent indecent posture of Wazir Baig has surprised many and it seems that it would be the last nail in the coffin of PPP driven leaders in the area. Analysts and observers feel that this time it would be neither PPP nor PML rather some new faces and local parties will be successful in winning the hearts and mind of the people of Hunza.


8 Responses to [News] Wazir Baig Went Against the People Of Hunza

  1. Mahmood says:

    We the people of Hunza who have worked day and night to get our right of an additional seat today say Shame Shame to Wazir Baig. He was never a brave and bold leader, who during his time as NALA memeber only measured roads doing zero level of work for our area. This time he is trying to slash the feet of our people by his axe, we condem him.

    He is doing politics for PPP people sitting in Islamabad not for the people of Hunza. He has ended all the hope of people with him. We all who contributed our time and efforts for AHAC condem his action of press conference, he would have a black face infornt of people of Hunza.

    Ali Abad, Hunza

  2. Aly Hunzai says:

    I think it is unfair to blame a single person. He represents the Hunza chapter of PPP and that’s how his perspectives need to be interpreted/propagated. There are thousands of people supporting that party stance.

    Besides, who doens’t know that Attiqa & Ghazanfar have been sponsoring this movement, with a view of creating anti – PPP sentiments in the region. It was obvious, from the very beginning, that PPP would not support extreme measures against its own government. Who was the logical “winner” in this race?

    Now, just like Nawaz Shair, Ghazanfar and ilk are “rebellious” leaders who stood for the “rights of Hunza” while the rest are being dubbed as “traitors”. It is irrational and highly unfortunate.

    Ghazanfar and ilk, including Eman Shah, are the culprits of Hunza who need to be treated like that, neither lesser than that, nor more than that.

    The leaders of so – called action committee are “taanga party” owners, with no popular base. Baba Jan, Eman Shah, Aman Ullah Khan .. et.al… would not be able to collective get more than 1000 votes in the region. Who doesn’t know that Baba Jan and Eman Shah have been fighting like cats and dogs over a district council seat!!

    This unholy alliance of wannabe revolutionaries is nothing more than a lot of self serving, tunnel vision, reactionary zealots who see an opportunity in agony of the people.

    They have also dragged religious institutions into their polittics, thus maligning neutral bodies, and providing ample rubbish stuff to the conspiracy theorists who are trying their level best to condemn the recent package for gilgitbaltistan as the “first step towards creation of an Aga Khani state”. Noor Mohammad shall be ashamed for making foolish statements to the sniffing media of Pakistan regarding involvement of national council behind the call for “civil disobedience”.

    Aly Hunzai

  3. Himat Mir Hunzukutz says:

    Dear Aly Hunza,

    I agree with you it is not only Wazir Baig rather the whole PPP and its Jiaalas are behind this shamful act where they have not remained behind the parpaitrators like Ghazanfar, Atiqa, Iman Shah et.el.

    when you say that Wazir Baig and his party were from the begining not in favour of extreme steps what do you mean?

    It mean simply that they had adopted face saving technics and were playing the role of Black Sheep, among the holy and noble leaders fighting for the noble cause of the legitimate and long held most deserving right of an additional seat for Hunza. Which could bring many development projects to improve the leaving conditions of the people of Hunza.

    You are right, how can Wazir Baig could go against his party. That is what AHAC is saying that Wazir is doing politics in our beloved land of Hunza for PPP and his lords Asif Ali Zardari, and Qamar Zaman Kaira not for the welfare of the people of Hunza.

    Where the Ghazanfar, Atiqa and Iman Shah have faces filled with shame and traitors of the rights of the people of Hunza, now Wazir Baing and his associates are in the same tunel naked and shameless in front of the people of Hunza, no any difference among them all.

    Himat Mir Hunzukutz

  4. masroof Insaan says:

    I agree with views of Himmat and Mahmood, this time Wazir Baig has brutally deceived people of Hunza in favour of PPP leader in Islamabad. We dont trust any of their promises as they say no promise is like the words of Quran and do not keep their promises. I am sure people of Hunza will reject the politics of Wazir Baig and look for leadership who fullfills the promises he/she would make with the people of Hunza.

    Wazir Baig is already a failed politician who did nothing at all during his time as an elected representaive. How could he come in front of people for vote this time.

    Masroof Insaan

  5. Karim Alam says:

    This is a situation where one can only say……..

    “I may disagree with what you have to say, but I shall defend, to the death, your right to say it.”

  6. Aly Hunzai says:

    For me there are no “holy”, “nobel”, heroes in this movement. Right from the top, i.e. Sheikh Abid, to the bottom, Iman Shah, all are opportunists who want to exploit popular sentiments to gain some momentum prior to the elections for the so-called legislative assembly.

    None of them is sincere with Hunza or its people. They are are just capitalizing on the pre-election anxiety of the local population. If Iman Shah and Ghazanfar had been so good, as leaders, they would not have sold the land of Silk Route Dry Port, Sost, to obtain personal loans from the National Bank of Pakistan.

    The people of Hunza are not facing any memory disorders. The “holy” leaders of today are the rats of yesterday.

    By presenting the entire situation in a partisan way, managers of this blog are trying to decieve the region’s people, by wrapping some in “holy” and “nobel” shawls, while stripping “naked” others, including Wazir Baig.

    This is yellow journalism based not on insights but personal political agendas and I condemn it in the harshest terms.

    Noor Muhammad, the most morally bankrupt official of AKRS – P, needs to apologize from the Ismailies of Hunza for dragging in their national council into his personal campaign. His future is nailed to the wall, as a relic of the past.

    Baba Jan is a dangerous bull, knowing nothing but the power of barking loud. He has to be chained and put where he belongs.

    Iman Shah is working for his Aaqas from Gilgit city and his Aaqas in Karimabad. He can play the “darbari” role that he has chosen for himself.

    Aman Ullah Khan, the “red mullah”, is a hopeless case trapped in time. He can be forgiven for his illusionary leadership of the “down trodden”.

    PPP will have to exert more pressure on the present government to ensure that Kaira’s promise doesn’t vanish like those of his predecessors. The two reserved seats + one general seat would suffice for the time being.

    Pragmatic decision by PPP – Hunza. Keep it up.

  7. Dear Mr. Alyy the purpose of this forum (GB Times) is to provide equal opportunities to all voices keeping in view the respect for freemdom of speech and expression with no personal stand of this blog regarding any particular inidividual. Yes we give space to each who would like to contribute in a decent way no matter to whom he/she supports or opposes as a basic right of all human beings, as we are happy to give the same opportunity to express yourself.

    The GB Times team will always remain impartial and will keep on facilitating all voices with equal oppotunity.

    Yes the voices of those will come on the forum’s page who will contribute.

    We thanks for all readers and contributors of GB Times.

    Team of GB Times


    Shame on you old owl(WIZRO) to speak such foolish things to think about converting the ataabad lake into a dam or parmenant water resorvior.
    Be positive and be brave. If you can’t do any thing or can’t help out people of HUNZA. plz pray Mr. Wazir.


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