[News] Hunza is Unbudge by the False Promise of Kaira


protest in hunza

Photo Coutesy: Rise Hunza

Hunza, (Qaimat Khan): The people of Hunza are determined to cheer through the long time suppression and alienation. Ignoring the false promises of giving two reserved seats in GBLA have not moved the determination of people of Hunza from their demand for an additional seat in GBLA. The people of Hunza know that it is not difficult for the people in power to say ‘human promises are not the words of Quran’, and they know as well that the current government could only hear when all its door of decent negotiations are ended. The only way is to make PPP leader to be bow under the street protest, a vivid example is the way Nawaz Sharif made PPP government in centre to stoop to his demands, for the restoration of Chief Justice and restoration of the PML(N) in Punjab,  the most prominent examples among many other such incidences.

Thousands of people turned in Nasir Abad in the shinaki Hunza, area to demand the additional seat for Hunza, where leader have informed the audience regarding injustices happening to them and negative implication of deprivation of the legitimate additional seat on development programmes. In continuation on 25 September a rally will be held in Karimabad, Kunjut Hunza.


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