[Announcement] Interview with Nazir Sabir, Soon to Come on GB Times


Nazir Sabir has made history in the areas he ventured, importantly he dismantled the 900 years old political control over the Hunza by ‘Ayashkuch’ by defeating first time ever, Mr. Ghanzanfar Ali Khan in the NALA elections from Hunza in 1996, for which people of Hunza are very much proud of this great son of soil.

Earlier Nazir Sabir made history by climbing the world’s highest peak ‘Mount Everest’, a first person who claims to be Pakistani to do this job, he originally belongs to Gilgit-Baltistan.

Soon you will have a detailed interview of Nazir Sabir on this forum, where he uncovers many mysteries regarding the relationship among Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan and Kashmir. He talks about the recent reforms package for Gilgit-Baltistan and the controversy over the 6 additional seats originally planned in the reform package, but have been cancelled. The deprivation of legitimate and deserving additional seats has creating a huge cry and dissatisfaction in the area and people of Gilgit-Baltistan have threatened civil disobedience and boycott of upcoming GBLA elections 2009.

Stay in touch to know the views of The Great Nazir Sabir, for an inside story as he remained personally in touch with power echelons in Islamabad during all this time.  



2 Responses to [Announcement] Interview with Nazir Sabir, Soon to Come on GB Times

  1. Karim Baig says:

    I will wait to read the viewes of this great man of our homeland!!!!

    Karim Baig

  2. Masroof Insaan says:

    you seem to appreciate too much of Nazir Sabir. Tell me what he has done to Hunza during his 4 year as a member of NALA any single major task, no. So what you thing he can do for people of Hunza if he is elected now???

    Masroof Insan

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